Seaquake Techno Rumble

Take your kicks to the next level


Infuse Rumble into Your Kick Tracks Across Genres

Experience the profound rumble effect effortlessly with Seaquake, the premier audio plugin tailored for techno enthusiasts and a wide range of music producers. This groundbreaking tool elevates your kick tracks by infusing them with unmatched depth and resonance. Rather than navigating the tedious task of constructing intricate effects chains, Seaquake simplifies the process with just five intuitive knobs. This allows you to effortlessly craft the impeccable rumble that your tracks deserve

Simplified Design, Profound Impact

  • Length: Adjust the tail of your rumble to fit any track, from sharp hits to extended echoes.
  • Delay: Control the timing to match any beat, ensuring your rumble aligns seamlessly with your mix.
  • Dynamics: Tune the intensity, from subtle undertones to overpowering booms.
  • Distortion: Add grit, grime, or keep it clean—the choice is yours.
  • Colour: Modify the tonal character, tailoring the sound to fit any genre or mood.